Five out of seven is 71.4285%. Academically, that’s a pretty weak number. In baseball, that’s nearly twice as good as Ty Cobb’s all-time record .366 batting average. And in racing, five of seven is the best attempt-to-win ratio in the 70 years of SCCA National Championship competition. Lawrence Loshak has competed in seven SCCA National Championships; he’s won five. And the only competitor to win 2 National Championships and 2 Triple Crowns, in the same day. Five National Championships are impressive enough, but even more so when considering that they’ve come in cars as varied as a 20+ year-old Honda CRX to an ultra-modern Stohr WF1 prototype capable of lap times and cornering speeds that rival an Indycar. SCCA has recognized his accomplishments by awarding him the aforementioned Mark Donohue Award for outstanding competitiveness, performance, and sportsmanship, and a nominee for The President’s Cup – an award first presented in 1954 by President Dwight D. Eisenhower, and whose past recipients include legends such as Roger Penske, Skip Barber, Bobby Rahal, and Paul Newman.

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